Little Eagle ( Eagles Songbook ) - Eagles Tribute Band - Birmingham, West Midlands

Event Location: Pissouri Amphitheatre
Event type : Tribute show by Kendall Events
October 9, 2021
Hi Paul and Wally. Just wanted to wish you and Wally a good final gig. You were amazing at the amphitheater. I’ve just been watching the videos I took and still they make me covered in goosebumps. Absolutely incredible. See you next year and I’ll look forward to hearing more about the cruise ships. Best of luck to you both and take care of that knee and yourself x
Reviewed by: Carlene Evans
  1. Lyin Eyes LE 6:22
  2. Peaceful Easy Feeling LE 4:20
  3. Life In The Fast Lane LE 4:58
  4. Love Will Keep Us Alive LE 4:08