A performance celebrating the classic songs of the Eagles

Little Eagle are thought to be the only duo in the UK performing a dedicated tribute to the timeless music of the iconic American band the Eagles.

A performance that will take you on a musical journey starting out in the 1970’s covering the bands early history and progressing through the decades to the present day. An evening’s entertainment covering all the major hits combined with a light hearted narrative about the band itself. Nearly everybody has a memory that is stimulated or connected to an Eagles song.

Little Eagle was put together by Wally & Paul in 2013. The idea of an Eagles tribute operating in a duo format appeared to be quite unique. These days the duo operates on a truly international basis having performed numerous times across the UK and into Europe whether it is on dry land or afloat.

Wally is frontman / lead vocalist and lead guitar player

Paul is wingman / additional guitar and backing vocals

The Eagles do not have a specific physical look, but they do have a very definitive sound, which is why the continued development of Little Eagle involves many hours of rehearsal time to create the authentic feel and accurate sound replication of each song. The importance of this detail is then carried forward into the live performances.

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Little Eagle.