Little Eagle ( Eagles Songbook ) - Eagles Tribute Band - Birmingham, West Midlands

Event Location: Celebrity Silhouette / Cruise to the Med
Event type : Cruise Entertainment, Main Show
August 8, 2022
Little Eagle were fantastic when we saw them on celebrity silhouette. They may have been a little nervous as I believe it was their first show on a cruise ship. However, the mix of Brummie humour, musical talent and the fabulous songbook of the Eagles made for a fabulous evenings entertainment. There might only be the two of them but the sound the put out makes you think you have a full band in front of you. Brilliant all three of us had a fabulous evening.
Reviewed by: Phil McCue
  1. Lyin Eyes LE 6:22
  2. Peaceful Easy Feeling LE 4:20
  3. Life In The Fast Lane LE 4:58
  4. Love Will Keep Us Alive LE 4:08