Little Eagle ( Eagles Songbook ) - Eagles Tribute Band - Birmingham, West Midlands

Event Location: The Seagull , Brean
Event type : Eagles Tribute
June 11, 2018
I have worked with Little Eagle, Wal & Paul on many occasions as entertainment manager of a popular holiday resort in Brean, Somerset. Their show portrays the height of musicianship that runs through the Eagles music in a fun and engaging manor. When performing at our 900 seated venue they fill every seat, this is something that most 5 piece bands struggle to do. I feel this shouts about just how great they are without needing to say much more. If your looking for a guaranteed great night of entertainment, in which customers will be asking when they can see this act again then look no further.
Reviewed by: Ellis Cummings, Ents Manager
  1. Lyin Eyes LE 6:22
  2. Peaceful Easy Feeling LE 4:20
  3. Life In The Fast Lane LE 4:58
  4. Love Will Keep Us Alive LE 4:08